Millennials aren’t the only ones looking for insurance quotes from a mobile device now a days.

Is your website meeting the needs for ALL your customers?

Want IBQ Auto WebRate on your agency website?

  • Mobile Friendly

    iPhone, Android, Tablet, Computer, whatever your customers use, IBQ has created an interface that can handle any device.

  • Rates returned directly to your customers

    IBQ prides ourself on accurate rating, and is now extended out to your consumers.

  • Improve your customer experience

    More customers are searching for insurance online,  is your agency website making a positive impression?

  • Easy to use interface

    No more forms or crammed spacing issues, customers will even see pictures of their vehicle once entered.

  • Keep your current rating system

    No need to change your current workflow, just plug Auto Webrate on your agency website and watch the leads roll in.

  • Email notification

    If a customer starts a quote or finishes, you can set up email notifications at any point so you never miss a lead.